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Microsoft Small Basic is a simplified version of Visual Basic
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Microsoft Small Basic is a project designed to show kids the world of programming. The programming language is an improved version of BASIC.
The software installation is very small and can be downloaded free of cost from the developer's site. It has a nice graphical interface for kids. They also provide the "Small Basic Curriculum". If you are a teacher, you can make use of it.

The Small Basic language consists of just 14 keywords. All variables are global and are always initialized. They can be used before they're assigned. Small Basic includes some programming features of VB.NET.

Just like in VB.NET, the program has "Intellisense" help included. That means that when you type something, the program gives you a menu with all the keywords. We are also given a sample code showing the usage of keyword.

The "Graduate" button lets you convert a program into Visual Basic project. I have tried converting a program into VB.NET. Well, there was no change in the code from Small Basic to Visual Basic. The same code will run on VB.NET.

You can publish the program you created on the web. It will be shown in The output of program will be displayed using Microsoft Silverlight,

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